How Come Nice Guys 'Never' Get The Girl?

Nice guys come in total package. They are gentle and kind and sweet and thoughtful and honest and respectful and... and not to mention, nice. (hence, a "nice guy"). They are boyfriend and husband-material. They are the kind of guys your mom would surely approve of, the kind whose your 'pakialamera' relatives would push to marry you off to. Let's admit it, they are also the ones you would want your friends to meet as your (+1) 'plus one'. And since it's all true, how come a LOT of them always ALWAYS land on the famous FRIEND ZONE? How come nice guys never get the girl? 

Nice guys are just too nice. Sometimes it's just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit too much. (I know it's not always the case, but) Girls just find it a bit too good to be true. It seems (to put it in a harsh word) fake.Putting your best foot forward is not really a bad thing, nice guys tend to put a little more. The thing is most girls just want you to keep it real.

Nice guys tend to be boring at times. Sure, a carefully-planned vacation and fancy dinner dates are really good. You put to much time and effort just to make the girl happy. Believe it or not, girls enjoy those things. However, girls nowadays are a bit different. More and more of us grow to be more adventurous, always seeking for something new and exciting. Planned activities are conventional and can get boring. I guess it is nice to have a little anticipation to whatever is out there once in a while; to be more spontaneous from time to time.

Nice guys rarely argue. Most girls are natural stubborn. We want to always get what we want; when we want it and how we want it, REGARDLESS. I don't know why, I guess the society has already accepted that girls are complicated beings and just left it that way. Even so, we want a man, who's man enough to argue with us, especially when we are being unreasonable and impulsive. We want a man who can say no to us reasonably. We want a MAN, not a "yes man". 

Nice guys are not challenging enough. Most girls have this I-can-make-him-change-for-me kind of mentality. Girls love challenges, like ALL.THE.TIME. We may not look like that but we really do.To actually made a man change for you is really something, and for most girls, it's empowering. I guess that's why most girls end up dating a douchebag. Oh, well.(Sigh!)

Nice guys make good friends. You are probably the ones who would we first turn to when things get a little rough with our relationships, especially when we need a perspective from a man. You are the perfect friend who surely would be willing to be the shoulder to cry on. You show genuine concern and you most probably won't let us go home late alone and sad. Some of you might even treat us to coffee just to cheer us up. Who wouldn't want to have a friend like that? Right?

“Look, you’re really a nice guy… BUT” and there it is the big BUT. Uh oh. ~