How Toxic Are You? (My 3-Day Detox Experience)

My friend recently asked me about my previous juice detox experience, what it's like and how's the process. Then, it suddenly gave me a hint of why not actually put my detox experience in my blog so other interested people about juice cleansing can also have an idea what to expect if ever they decided to do it as well.
I've been wanting to try the juice detox'ing since forever but it's kind of pricey so I always held back. But then, one time, when I was actually searching for ways to detoxify, I saw a promo on They partnered with Detoxify Bar plus they were offering a huge discount, so without second thought, I grabbed the deal.

First,  what is juice detox? It's a fasting or cleansing process wherein you won't eat normal solid foods. It's basically only taking in vegetable, fruit or combination of both in form of juices as meal replacement for a period of time. This is done to detoxify your system and flush out bodily toxins for a healthier you.

The Gist
They offer different packages namely: 1-Day Detox To Fit Your Lifestyle, 3-Day Detox To Fit Your Lifestyle and the 5-Day Detox To Fit Your Lifestyle. You can also choose from 4 type of detoxes according to detoxify bar and as included in the promo: 
  • The Ultimate Cleanse will swiftly and surely boot out all toxins and reboot your system. It’s formulated to give you maximum micronutrient intake to increase nourishment to vital organs such as the stomach, liver and kidneys.
  • Exercise buffs and those frequently on the go will enjoy the Active Cleanse. Specially curated to sustain high energy levels for fast-paced individuals, it effectively recharges the system and combats lethargy and energy drops throughout the day.
  • Short on shuteye? The Night Owl Cleanse is for you. The perfect combination to awaken the senses and infuse your system with the right blend of nutrients and minerals to keep you going as you detox. It’s also perfect for flushing out alcohol and other toxic inhalants.
  • Find inner and outer peace with the Skin & Mind Clarity Cleanse. It flushes out mind and stress-related toxins, replacing them with micronutrients and anti-oxidants for mental clarity and focus.
I got the 3-Day Detox Skin and Mind Clarity Cleanse. I felt so stressed out from work at that time, so I decided why not give my skin and mind a little treat. According to DetoxifyBar: 
"This package also helps rejuvenate the dermis and aids in the skin’s natural detoxification process to prevent minor irritations and breakouts leaving the complexion glowing." Who doesn't want a glowing skin and a clear mind? :)

It is advised that you prepare for detoxing. Eat light food the day before your first juice detox day. However, I felt that I need to gradually adjust my eating habit prior to my program so I won't be overwhelmed by the process. I prepared for a week. I eat my normal breakfast (heaviest meal of my day) and then eat less by lunch and salad for my dinner. On the succeeding days, I managed to actually eat only salad, fruits and yogurt for both lunch and dinner. The key here is to eat light but healthy and nutritious meals.

The Detox
During the detox, aside from solid food, it is also advised to refrain from drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. It wasn't hard for me at all because I don't drink alcohol, I'm not a fan of soda, and I can go on without coffee for 3 days. Although, at the first day of juicing, even with all my preparations, was still a little strange to not eat solids.

The good thing was I wasn't really craving for anything, maybe because aside from preparing my body, I also have prepared my mind. My good friends were actually tempting me to eat, like inviting me to pizza, their treat, how's that? Really? >.< But I survived. It's all about building a strong mindset and actually imagining yourself finishing the detox challenge.

[My Photo] Here's my first bottle, cheers! Bottoms up! :)
For 3 days, here was my eating plan: (as also listed in Detoxify Bar site)
  • Breakfast = 1 bottle of juice
  • AM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Lunch = 1 bottle of juice + 1 cup organic detox tea
  • PM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Dinner = 1 bottle of juice
  • Bedtime = 1 cup organic laxative tea

[My Photo] Survived my first day, way to go Lloyd!
You might think that you may get hungry throughout the day, but with my experience, it was just enough. I, honestly didn't feel hungry at all, pro'lly also because my body has been prepared. The only down side was while doing the detox, you should expect multiple toilet visits throughout the day. That's the way the toxins are released.
If you are working, I advise you to do it a day before the weekend if you plan to get the 3-day detox. I actually did it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I made sure that during the detox days, I'll be at home. I'm happy to announce that I finished the detox routine religiously. Yay! :)

[My Photo]15 bottles, wooohooo!
After the detox, I felt really healthy. It might be psychological but having seen all those toxins flushed out (sorry, gross!), I feel like I'm way healthier and cleaner. I felt energetic. My skin became a bit pinkish too. (That might be the "glowing" part hehe) And, I wasn't really trying to lose weight because I'm pretty skinny already, but I also noticed that I shed few pounds off.(Water weight, I guess.)

I didn't right away go back to my normal eating habit in terms of how much I eat, this is because like in pre-detox, we need to gradually adjust again to help our body recover.

The Taste
The juices taste good. I was a bit surprised because they are actually drinkable and enjoyable. It's having both healthy and delicious treat. If you're not so sure though that you'll like it, you can pick from many different flavors. They put the ingredients in the bottles so you actually get to have an idea which ones you might actually like.

The Price
The original price is Php 3,700~ directly from Detoxify Bar, without the discount. I bought mine for Php 2,300~ (roughly, $50.27). Still a bit pricey. ***This was last 2015.

Overall, it was a fun and challenging experience. I'm glad I tried it. I would be willing to try it again, however the price is still a bit high. I, probably, will create my own juice detox drinks with my own experimental recipes at home. There are also some recipes online that we can try. :)

If you get to try it, tell me about your experience :) Choose healthy, choose fit! :)
***This post is not sponsored.

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