Movie Review: Do You Have The "NERVE"?

Genre: Mystery and Suspense
Directed By: Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost
Starring: Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Emily Meade
Written By: Jessica Sharzer (screenplay), Jeanne Ryan (novel)
Runtime: 96 minutes

The story revolved around an exciting online game called "Nerve", basically just a "truth or dare" minus the truth. When a person decides to join Nerve, he or she gets to choose whether to be a player or a watcher.

The game is simple, watchers pay the subscription to the game, they watch and follow players complete their dare. They have the power to choose and vote which dare to give to a certain player. Players do the dare. They can either accept or reject it. The players stays in the game as long as they complete each dare. If they reject, bail out or fail, they're out. For every dare completed, players get cash. The harder the dare, the higher the prize. There's only one thing that everyone can't break, the code of silence about the game.


The Content
Nerve is very timely and relatable. The rise of mobile games like 'Pokemon Go' is very similar to how the Nerve craze went in the movie. I think the directors and the writers did a very good job in conveying to its audience the other side of the cyberspace which is not pure fun and greatness, but also cruel and dark. The players risk their lives in completing some otherwise impossible stunts. While watchers are all-excited and thrilled remaining in their anonymity.

Nerve is engaging and nerve-racking. It kept me literally glued on the movie screen. The energy of the Nerve is carefully built-up as it rises up all throughout the film until it reaches its climax. The main character, a senior highschool student and once a wallflower,Vee, decided to join the game and take risks out of her otherwise "boring" life. It started from a simple (to kiss a random stranger in the bar) to crazy and life-threatening stunts (like riding a bike blind-folded). I felt like there was no dull moment in the movie; every scene is very-well connected to the audience.

The Make
The film was shot in New York City, mostly during the night time. It captured the beautiful lights of the city. The cinematography was good. The lighting was great and vibrant. The angles of the shots were effective especially when filming hard stunts like hanging on a crate on the top of the Skyscraper. The director made the audience 'feel' the heights.

The Cast and Acting
They made a pretty good choice for the whole cast. The acting are good and effective as well. Emma Roberts who played as Vee (main character) is quite convincing in being a wallflower turned risk-taker. Dave Franco, as Ian, was so hot and attractive making him very well-suited for the character he portrayed in the movie.

Considering the build up of the scenes up to the climax which is very intense, in my opinion, the denouement, however, lacked a bit of gradualness. The end part was wrapped up too easily and in a snap, the story is ended. Though, this doesn't really ruined the movie, it's just nicer if they extend it a little more :P

Overall, it was a very entertaining movie, it has assortment from romance, suspense and mystery. I recommend it to people who want to be entertained, just don't be too tech-savvy because flaws can be seen. I really liked the movie aside from the fact that Dave Franco was so hoooooooot! :D <3