An Open Letter To The Unknown Guy

Hi! Uhm... I don't know what your name is or what to call you just yet. And I don't even know how to start this letter because I have a lot to say. Heads up, this is going to be a very loooong letter. I like to blabber a lot, that's one thing you should be ready about :P Well, alright, here we go.

I just want you to know that I have been waiting for you for quite sometime now. Oh no, no. I am not complaining, it may sound like it, but no. It's okay. In fact, I'm grateful because I know you're worth the wait. I have this great feeling about you, about us. I know. I just know. :)

I already have met a lot of people. Interesting ones, nice, smart, good-looking, guys who may have passed as a hopeful forever. Trust me, I've tried; but, none of them was you. I always know you'll be different. Different in the best way possible.

Right now, I don't know you yet, like you don't know me. Although, it might be possible that I may have met you before, you're probably a random, faceless stranger at the coffee shop who's dating another girl before; or a co-passenger in an airplane who was fast asleep while I was binge-watching movies. A guy in the bookstore, in the next section who was buying the same books I read? Or maybe, you're someone I knew but never really got a chance to get to know more of each other. Who knows? Maybe, it wasn't the right time for us. And again, it's okay.

Another possibility is that, maybe, I still am to meet you in about a year or two? In a wedding reception of a common friend? In a museum or a bowling alley? Maybe you're a guy who will man up and try to ask my number out of the blue, and for some weird unknown reason, I'll gladly oblige.(waddup?) I don't know. But we'll find out soon enough. :)

I know you're also waiting for me or trying to find me, maybe in Tinder? (lol!) But I'm not there, look for me elsewhere, or simply just don't look for me. Don't limit yourself, though. Go ahead and date other girls. Things may not work out as you expect. But I promise, you'll soon find out why it never worked out with anybody else. Like why it didn't work out for me with other guys either. I also had a few failed relationships in the past but I opt not to question it why. Of course, it hurt a lot. Sometimes, way too much that I thought I couldn't handle it. But then again, it occurred to me, you are yet to come into my life. Blessings in disguise may look too fucked up sometimes. But it's just a disguise; and it's not surprising that they have the most beautiful way to reveal their true form at the best time. And that makes me feel better. I know that all of those good and not-so-good experiences were all part of a plan; readying us for each other, so when the right time comes, we are all set.

I can think of a lot of things we'll be doing together. I wonder if you also like to travel? I always wanted to see Greece. Would you want to come with me? Do you like movies? I'm not a fan of horror stories but if you like to watch, be sure to hug me while I try to squint to miss most of the parts. (Haha!) Do you also love to read? We can share stories and books and trivia and more. How about food? I'm not a good cook, but we can eat together. Let's try out different cuisines, what do you say? Yum! But you know what, we can scrap all of those. We can start with a cup of tea? And just talk. We'll work everything out from there. Sounds like a plan? :)

It's ecstatic! I don't believe in forever, but with you I'd like to believe so in it. I know I'll love you like I never did before. I know you will love me too like how I want it. And, I know it'll be scary at first, because we'll be getting one thing we want so badly. But who cares? I'm excited about you. I am thrilled to meet you or to meet you again. And when it finally happens, I'm sure we'll both recognize each other. A once a stranger, a now huge part of the future. And our faces will have names. How do you like me to call you, love? :)