NOT-TO-DO List To a Happier You

We, all, want to be happy and that's for sure. Most of us would even go on an extra mile to achieve happiness. And, there's nothing wrong with that provided that you don't ruin someone else's. However, people tend to focus mostly on what they should do that they forget to also consider what they should NOT do.

I listed 4 important things that we should consider (yes, we!) to be a little bit closer to being happier than we are right now. 

1. STOP Overthinking!
You may think that overthinking might exercise your brain, while that's true, I hate to break it to you but, everything that's more than necessary is bad. And overthinking won't do you good either. Overthinking invites frustrations that may eventually lead to anxiety and paranoia. It'll make you feel uneasy leaving you paranoid all the time. (And we don't want that, that's far from being happy! Don't you think?) It also gets you to worry A LOT. Aside from the fact that it's not mentally and physically healthy, worrying too much won't change the things you worry about. It won't make a thing any better. It might even get the situation worse. So stop for a while, and breathe in and breathe out. Drop all your worries and just hope for the best. 
Remember: A happy person has peace of mind. Hakuna Matata!

2. STOP Comparing!
You pro'lly have heard this a lot of times: Never compare yourself to others. But I daresay it again, never! There are so many people who are smarter, prettier, sexier, taller, richer, more successful than you are; and there are so many people who are less smart, less pretty, less sexy, less tall, less rich, less successful than you are. You see no matter what you do there will always be more and less than you. When you compare yourself to someone higher than you, you'll be bitter and envious. That brings about insecurities. On the other hand, when you compare yourself to someone lower than you, you'll be vain and proud. That builds arrogance. Both cases are rather ugly. If you can't get over comparing, try comparing yourself to the old you, and strive to make a better version of you. Improve yourself for yourself. 
Remember: A happy person is self-content.

3. STOP Underestimating!
Do not underestimate your potential. Really, you need to start believing in yourself more. Believe that you are capable of accomplishing great things. Do not doubt it. You are born with natural talent. You can make a big difference. If you start envisioning yourself doing the things you thought you couldn't and finally believing you can do it, I assure you, YOU.WILL.MAKE.IT. If for some reason, you still thinks it's not possible, I'll leave you with a quote from the The Imitation Game, "Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine." 
Remember: A happy person is a confident person (not to the point of arrogance).

4. STOP being a Pessimist!
People always say "expect the worst" where in that case, when things just don't fall very well to their right places it wouldn't hurt that much. Sounds like a great contingency plan! And that's true. But there's big flaw in that kind of mentality. When you always try to see things at its worst and feed your pessimistic side with ugly possibilities, you will lose hope. You'll weaken it. Look, I'm not trying to say that bad things can't happen or won't happen, reality check: They can. But what I'm trying to stress out is that there are ALWAYS two types of possibility: The Good and the Bad. Why not try to focus more on the good possibilities? It will brighten your mood, give you a more positive outlook and the rest will simply follow.
Remember: A happy person is an optimistic person.

In a world where you can be anything, be happy!
Stay happy everyone! :)

Love, Lloyd xo