You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

Remember that day when you were playing with your friends back in grade school? You were enjoying so much, you ran so fast - faster than the rest of them. Unfortunately, you tripped over an obstacle and fell so bad. For a moment, you thought you couldn't stand because it hurts so much, but then you did and won the race.

Remember that day when you had upcoming exams back in high school? You reviewed a lot but still felt unprepared. You were so scared that you might fail. But then you calmed yourself down and started to concentrate really well. And of course, you got an A.

Remember that day when you ought to get a tattoo with your friends? It was because of a dare but you've always wanted one, so you joined them anyway. It hurt a lot that you would have cancelled it halfway through. But you braved yourself and had it done. Now, you're rocking a cool side tattoo.

Remember that day when you fell in love? Everything was smooth and perfect at the start. You were almost literally on the clouds. But then he (she) unexpectedly broke your heart. It hurt so bad, worse than when you tripped while you run, worse than when you felt nervous when you thought you'd fail the exam, even worse when you felt the needle running on your skin to get inked. You felt like you literally fell from the clouds and hit the ground. And you thought to yourself, how can you start anew when you were so broken and can hardly be fixed. But here you are, fresh as new. You didn't know what you've done but you've carried on.

You might be having problems at this very moment you're reading this, surely you'll have a lot more in the future, even bigger ones; but you've already gotten a long way. And you're stronger each time.

Giving up is never an option. You've already won a lot of battles, big and small. You also have failed battles but you were never actually defeated because here you are, you still stand and fight.

In time of need, even in those times you thought no one can try and really help you, remember that you still got YOU, the only person who knows you from head to toe, the only person who's always been there for you, for all your mishaps and misadventures. Family, friends and loved ones are all there to help, but at the end of the day, it's always you who can really help yourself. You might have missed this tiny detail, but even if you don't realize it, you are actually stronger than you think you are. The HERO you are looking for is YOU. YOU'VE GOT YOU. :)