Bitchier Than Life

Being independent is both exciting and scary for me. You get to taste freedom like no other but you also have to do things on your own; which is such a pretty fair deal, in my opinion. In a good amount of time along the process, you'll learn a lot of things. The best thing about it is that you actually discover more about yourself. You'll eventually know that you can do a loooot more than you thought. You'll be proud of yourself for making things happen; those that otherwise you wouldn't even have imagined you can.

Most of the time when you're all by yourself, you get the chance to think and rethink your life, your journey. What happened, will happen and can happen. You imagine things, nice and terrible, about what's out there, far and beyond. What's in store for you? Then you start to get scared as fuck, because you can't rely on anyone after all; but hey, remember you've got YOU! (And the support of your family and friends)

One thing I always ALWAYS tell myself is that I shouldn't worry, because I've got me. And the last time I checked, I've never let me down.

Another thing about being independent is that you now can focus on yourself more. You take care of yourself more than ever. You might be on your own but that doesn't mean you're any less than strong.

#1 TRUTH: No one ever said that the journey's going to be smooth and as planned, because more often than not, it's not the case.
#2 TRUTH: You'll surely face a lot of hardships and trials, left and right, from simple to not-so-simple.

I came to a point that even simply opening a bottle of juice was hard for me, my grip was just too weak for it. But, I tried to twist it multiple times. In each try, the cap loosens. And eventually, I opened it and enjoyed the fruit juice. It left my hand sore but it was worth it. And you know what? The soreness went away after a few seconds. My point is, sure you'll struggle a lot and there can be times when you'll ask yourself why everything doesn't feel right. It's inevitable. But do not stop there! Because if you do, obviously, you're not gonna get anywhere. So keep your head held high and just keep going. Other people or situation may hurt you, but they are all part of the process, to make you better. You'll also appreciate more the fruits of your hard work later on. You'll see :)

Life's a bitch. It has a funny way of testing you. All you gotta be is a little bitchier. Being stubborn, sometimes, helps. :P Don't let it swallow you whole. Play with it. After all, that bitch is yours!

I guess the main goal of independence is really to be mature. You get to decide for everything without anyone telling you how and when, at the same time, you make sure you take full responsibility of your acts. You may lose some but also gain some and more. When you look back, you'll see how far you've already got. Maybe not yet halfway through, but you're getting there. Mature and independent. :)

So bring it on bitch! I'm bitchier! :P