The LA County Fair

LA County Fair happens during September every year; 2016 LACF is on Sept 2 – Sept 25. It has been a tradition for some families in LA to visit the fair every year with their parents and up until now that they have their own kids. As for myself and some of my friends, it’s our first time to go and experience LACF. And it didn’t disappoint us! :)

We went on Saturday, Sept 17 at around 3 in the afternoon because the temperature was scorching at 91°F (approx. 32°C). It takes 45mins from our place in LA to the LACF in Pomona without traffic, but since traffic is not new in LA (just like in Manila, but a tad bit lighter :P), our travel time went up to 2 hours. HAHA! We arrived at a little past 5.

LACF is very colorful just like how we remember fairs used to be when we were kids. There’s a lot of things you can do inside the fair. They have different attractions from fair rides to games for kids and for kids at heart. :P They also have circus and concerts, not to mention wide variety of foods and places for shopping and different exhibits.

Tickets to the fair can be a bit pricey, adult single-day admission alone is $20, so if you want to try out games and rides, you need to spend more. My friends and I, however, got the promo at Costco for $62.99 for 4 single-day admission tickets plus a free parking slot and ride coupons. (Not bad! :P ) We got some more tickets for the games and the rides, because why not? ;P

The place was so huge that it is impossible to explore everything in a day. So we just did as much as we can. :)

The first ride we tried is called the Mega Drop ride. I’m not the brave type to try everything, but sometimes I’m feeling adventurous (maybe it’s the vibe that the fair makes you feel) plus a little persuasion from my friends made me do it.

Let me just talk about it a little.

So, basically, Mega Drop is approximately a 120’ drop tower. Passengers are securely seated in a gondola around it. The gondola is then lifted to the top after few seconds. It stays there for God knows how long before it is catapulted to the bottom.

The thing is when you’re at the top, it’s so windy and everything is so small and beautiful and sparkly. But you can’t really enjoy the sight haha. They even try to excite you with a little movement that may bring you to thinking that it’s gonna be released to free fall already, but Na-ah! It is when you’re not ready at all. (My hands are all so cold and sweaty just merely thinking about it haha) OH.MY.GOD! And then here’s the free fall ending with a heavy deceleration. It felt literally like my heart separated from my chest. It made my stomach churn! (Stress in a good way I guess? HAHA)
Try it yourself!
Our faces after the drop haha. Can't you tell? :))

We also tried the famous Ferris Wheel, of course.

Amazing view from the top of the world <3
Then there's this Skyflyer that we tried as well. It's like the Flying Fiesta in our very own Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines.

SkyFlyer! :)
Seems like we are enjoying this ginormous swing
haha, truth is we are scared too :P
Sorry for the blurry pics. You can still tell that we enjoyed, though :)
 There are many more rides that we haven't tried. Some are really extreme as you can see in the following photos.

I can't try them. Just looking at them makes me wanna throw up haha!

No-no! I've totally, completely chickened out! OMG!

We played multiple games too. We didn’t win any prize though, but it’s certain we had so much fun!

And who can ignore the foooooooooooooooood?!? To summarize, we binged-eat HAHA! You can see food all over the place and they smell soooooooooo good. 

 Anything from kabobs to ice creams, beer, pizza, bacon, corns, hotdogs, candies and a loooooooooot more! Of course we tried the food that cannot be usually found in malls or restaurants in LA. Not-so healthy but happy tummy, indeed!

Turkey legs!

Chocolate-covered bacon! Who wants one? or two? haha

Bacon-wrapped chicken + fries (not in the photo)
More fooooooooood!!!

Selfie Sno Cone! What Diet???

We didn’t see the concert, unfortunately. LACF hosts concerts featuring different bands/artists too. You might want to check that out when you go.

Wrapping it all up, we went home at around 11pm and the fair was still alive and cheerful.

Even though I’ve read some not-so-good reviews about the fair, especially about the prices getting pricier every year, and that they have removed some of the attractions that kept most people coming back, I still had a great and wonderful experience. It was a Saturday well-spent. I wish they would improve the prices, though, so more and more families, especially kids and tourists can enjoy the fair.

Thanks for inviting me Glenn, Ian and Doc :)

[Photos: IO Photography]