Ultralight Flying: My Air-venture

It’s always been my dream to fly, but not just in an enclosed aircraft like airplanes (to hop on a spaceship sounds like a dream, though :P). To actually fly like how birds do, of how they glide in the sky, play in the clouds and feel the wind on their faces; THAT my friends is what I’m talking about :)

Obviously, I don’t have wings to fly so the closest thing to real flying are probably through skydiving and ultralight flying. (I am yet to research more on this :P). Anyway, first let’s talk about my super SUUUUUPERRRRR exciting experience on UltraLight flying. (I’ll do skydiving hopefully soon enough. Watch out for that. ;P)

On Saturday, September 21, I checked yet another one off of my bucket list. Yay! We surfed the sky! How exciting is that! :) As Pacific Blue Air puts it: 

Voted "One of the most fun things to do in Los Angeles". The experience of flying in a Revo Light Sport Aircraft is unlike any other. 

Ultralight aviation or microlight (for those who haven’t heard or know about it yet), basically, is flying (in) a mini, lightweight aircraft. This is usually a one to two-seater aircraft. 

Max, my pilot and trainer, who is a certified flight instructor and aircraft pilot himself, said that the Revo, although categorically considered as an Ultralight aircraft, is actually heavier and more stable in general. Revo, to address it properly, is a Light Sport Aircraft. Analogically, it’s the revo in the sky as to motorcycle on the roads.

According to their site: “A Light Sport Aircraft designed and manufactured in the USA leaving no compromises when it comes to safety, comfort, performance and agile handling.”

Another thing that I like the most besides the very good service, is that Pacific Blue Air take safety measures very seriously.

The Revo Evolution is the top of the line aircraft in Weight-Shift Control Light Sport Aviation.  Our Revos are factory-built and FAA certified as S-LSA.   Each are tested for 6 g's positive and 3 g's negative, stronger than most conventional aircraft

Glide Ratio
Because our high performance wings are designed to glide, if a problem with the legendary Rotax engine ever did arise, our planes could easily sail down to safety with their impressive 10 to 1 glide ratio. 

Added Safety
In addition, each aircraft is equipped with a ballistic-deployed parachute that could simply float the entire aircraft down to a safe landing.  They are also equipped with a GPS based, emergency location transmitter and transponder.”

In addition, they also don’t allow for the sky surfers (that’s us) to bring camera or other loose articles during the flight. This is observed as a safety hazard that should be taken very seriously as well. 


Pacific Blue Air, like any other sporting company, lets you sign a waiver before you hop in and fly. This protects the company if anything should happen. (But the aircraft is, without a doubt, very safe.) And then Max gave us a little orientation and introduction on what to expect while showing us a footage of an actual flight. There might be turbulence and other air disturbances that can be encountered. But these are very much under control. The pilots were very experience and trained. He also talked about his experiences about learning how to fly, his travels via the mini air crafts and much more.

My friends and I are really excited. (Probably, also a little nervous).

L-R: Myself, Rea and Doc
Max was the only pilot available on that day, so the plan was, we’ll fly the revo, one after the other. Rea went first, I followed and Doc went last.

                Interlude: While waiting, Doc and I went ahead and tried the electric scooter that Courtney (part-owner of the Pacific Blue Air) gladly lent us. She was so nice and very accommodating.
So we were enjoying the ride. I did fine at first. I felt the cool wind caressing my face. Doc was taking a video of me. I felt so comfortable and arrogant at the same time that I decided to show off by controlling it with one hand and waving my other hand to the camera. And before I did it, not even halfway through, I suddenly stumbled and fall haha! As shown in the vid :P 

I got multiple wounds and bruises. Courtney immediately took care of my wounds, cleaned and covered them. She said, they hadn’t ever needed the first aid kit until then. Haha (which is a good thing, though :P) So yeah, I got involved in a minor accident (entirely my fault, and partially Doc’s hahaha) even before I started to experience the flight.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"... how appropriate! :)) 


It was my turn now to fly. I was so excited. I put on the suit appropriate for the flight. Max instructed and helped me to put my helmet on and to get to the revo. He was checking everything first before we fly.
                Side Story: The helmet has a headphone and microphone in it so as for the passenger and the pilot to communicate with each other before takeoff, during the flight, and when landing. But something unusual happened. The microphone was not working. I could hear him, but he couldn’t hear me at all. The odd thing was, when it was Rea’s turn, everything was okay. It started to occur to me, “Is this some kind of a premonition? I got into a minor accident minutes before and then the microphone just won’t cooperate. Should I still go?” I’m feeling so unlucky that time. But we still pushed it through.

So then, Max started the engine and we were taxiing ready for take off; then the microphone suddenly worked like nothing happened. I was so relieved. I still didn’t know what happened but I felt secured.


Up up and away!!! :) And we flew, higher and higher in the sky. Wooohoooo! It was sooooo surreal! Suddenly, it feels like everything is light. (I don't know what I'm talking about, really:P)

Be free like a bird! Fly high and higher! Wooohooo! What a feeling!

Can't you tell how much I'm enjoying it here? Honestly, I can't describe it!!! You guys should definitely try it!!! :D 

I saw almost all of the SoCal! Unbelievable sights! :D
I saw the roads, the beaches around it, the houses, the trees, the people as small as ants. For a moment, I forgot all of the worries and anxiety.

“Imagine you are a bird, and those gliders are your wings.” said Max.

While flying, he gave instructions and information on how to control the plane. He also gave me the privilege to take over the controls of the directions.

Remember that the gliders are my wings! Tilt it to the left and to the right!

It was so windy so it was kind of hard to control given my tiny arms, but I managed to. I was so happy. I was having the time of my life! :D I really don't know how to explain it, I guess you should just try it yourself. You won't regret it, I promise! :D

I still didn’t want to go back yet but we have to hahaha. The flight was short and sweet. It was a very fulfilling 30-minute ride. Max was very skilled and experienced. We landed very smoothly. We came back safe and sound and happy. Thank goodness! :P

I did it! Wooohooo! Bucket list #82 - crossed out with FLYING colors :D

We availed the 30-minute flight plus the photo and video package with a free Pacific Blue Air T-shirt as a souvenir because why not? It's a one of a kind experience and doing it the first time requires documentation. :P

For more info about the pricing checkout their site http://www.pacificblueairla.com/pricing.html

I’m not sure if they offer the 10% off promo when you pay in cash all year round, but that’s what we got.

Pacific Blue Air also presented us a certificate that we can actually use should we decide to continue the training and get a license. Yup, the 30-min course is counted. :D I think the board requires at least 20 hours of a hands-on training before you can take the licensure exam for flying.
All smiles :D

Overall, it was another well-spent Saturday for me. #82 in my bucket list is now crossed out. Given the chance, I probably would ride again, most likely around night time to experience the sparkling lights of LA. Chasing the dusk sounds really great! Cheers to more adventures! :D

For more information about the Pacific Blue Air, you can actually visit them here.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.