I want to ~T.I.T.E. :))
Trabaho. Ipon. Travel. Enjoy. (Work. Save. Travel. Enjoy)

I believe that we only live once; or at least we thought so that we only live once. Even if YOLO sounds so 2011, it still holds true. "Carpe diem" (~seize the day). So while we still have the time, the energy and little money, why not make the most out of it? :)

Traveling is probably one of the best (if not the best) things you can do to experience life. It is a complex thing; you think, plan, learn, see, explore. There's more to it than just getting to a place. It is an immersion in tradition and culture; getting involved and being evolved. You feel different after. The place, the people, the food (most importantly haha!) and the experience leave a trace in you, making you feel refreshed and brand new every time. No wonder traveling reduces stress and anxiety even if your body feel exhausted and tired physically. Hey, I am not complaining. :))

Sure, traveling involves a lot of planning and preparations, not to mention occasional frustrations because of hits and misses. It is inevitable that you may miss some things you have planned for weeks or some of it may not turn out as expected, but it doesn't mean that the trip is screwed. In fact, sometimes, those unexpected things give even more color and excitement to the trip. 

Getting lost may mean getting you to another place, or being late may mean surprising you with another option that you never thought would be so much more enjoyable until you experienced it so. (Unless you forget your passport, or miss your flight. That's kinda not cool! but who knows? HAHA)

So scratch those itchy feet and satisfy that wanderlust!!! Grab your passport and book a train or a flight now! C'mon! Let's travel more :)
"Go venture far beyond these shores.Don't forsake this life of yours." -The Nights by Avicii

'Til next time, guys! :*
Lloyd xo

[Video credit: Kristine Doctor]
[Video Song credit: The Nights by Avicii]