Six Flags Magic Mountain Adventure

There are things in life that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing until after you did it. That happened to me this weekend (Nov 19th) at Six Flags! After all those crazy rides, I felt super proud of myself. (There, there, Lloyd. Good job! :D)
It was another first for me. I’ve never been to Six flags before that weekend, so I figured, why not go! We like adventures, don’t we?

The Suicide Squad, L-R: Michael, Doc, Michelle, Me and Glenn... (insert Jay somewhere)

So, we purchased tickets for an exclusive mix-in private party at Six flags in Magic Mountain for only 39 bucks. It entitled us to enjoy the theme park all day long plus some extra private hours, from 9pm-12midnight (Six flags closes at 9pm). After 9pm, there barely is a line to any ride. Yay! (or Nay! XD)
Mandatory Tickets and wristband shots :))

We arrived at around 4PM. The lines were still crazy long. We waited for more than 2 hours before we did our first ride.
IG pic: "Calm before the Storm" HAHAHA

First stop: The New Revolution. ~a warm-up >,<

While waiting... 1..2..3...
We experienced a new kind of excitement using the Samsung Gear VR while riding the roller coaster. 

Calibrating our Samsung Gear VRs :)


Since it’s pretty much Holiday already, Christmas is the theme of the virtual reality. I was riding on a sleigh pulled by the reindeers with Santa on my left. We were delivering presents from house to house. It was nice to experience it, and for starters, it was not at all scary for me. It was fun :)

It was a long wait and we were starving already. So we ate after. Just a little. We don’t want to throw up after. Ewwww! There still quite a few rides ahead.
Chicken strips and some fries (not in the picture, chilly cheese fries and mac & cheese) LOL Light! :D
Then here comes the next ride, uh oh! The X2. ~insert doom sound effects here!!!
I wonder why it’s called X2, X = extreme, 2 for square??? Extreme squared!!! Oh my…

I asked myself: “What am I even doing here? Why would people pay to be nervous?” Then, I realized I paid for it as well. HAHA Now I have no choice.
Terrified faces >,<

X2 has dangling seats (I know, crazy right?) and it runs backwards at first as you can see in the borrowed video (we weren’t allowed to film it, tsss!), and then I didn’t know what happened next. I just screamed my lungs out! (Literally and figuratively, jk)

X2 is one of the scariest and, indeed, the extremist rides I’ve ever ridden in my entire life. I was close to tears after the ride. (Good thing I didn’t puke or peed in my pants) Yes! THAT scary!!! HAHA It was an achievement on my part. I felt really proud. Whoa! Boy, that was one hell of a ride!

I recommend it 5 stars! TRY IT!!!

Thanks to my friend, Michelle for the push. I hugged her super tightly right after the ride!!! I’m glad we did it! X2 was smooooooooth!

2 down...
I figured everything will be chicken to me after X2. So, on to the next. TATSU! (Fly at the Speed of Fear) Oh, boy!

So we lined up for Tatsu, however, after few minutes of waiting, it was announced that they are having technical difficulties and that there would be delays. My crazy mind was Ef’ed up. Technical difficulty??? “Are you kidding me?”, that just scared the hell out of me. Most of the people exited the line and so we did. I didn’t want to take risks, “not for this” I said to myself.

So we decided to explore other parts of the park and see cool holiday displays. Christmas lights everywhere, Christmas trees, fake snow, fountains, cute DC action figures and many more. It was also so cold, felt really so Christmassy.

Early Holiday display at Six Flags
Looney Tunes!!! :D

After few more minutes, we got back to the Tatsu. Doc and I grabbed souvenirs while they were in line. 

Partners in crime LMAO!!!
For the second time, they announced it again. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. My mind went blurry. “Is this some kind of premonition?” “Isn’t it a sign already?” oh shoot! But we stayed. 

Our turn now! Tatsu is pretty intimidating. The mere fact that you are sitting upside down already made me feel like my heart is in my mouth. Overall, it was a scary-fun experience. I would do it again! Highly recommended too :D

Faces of survivors haha

The fourth and last ride that we tried (except for Michael. It wasn’t his last) was the Riddler’s Revenge.

It’s a 4-loop roller coaster where people ride while standing. Yes, Standing!
It was pretty fun too except that I felt a little dizzy after because of the loops haha What do you think about it having 4? 4 LOOOOPS!!!

We needed to calm down a little after the rides, so we went to the little fair where we played the racing game. Too bad we didn’t film it. But we all got a prize. I won second place in the first game. Michelle secured the spot for the champion as she easily bagged first place in 2 games. Congrats! (Thanks, Glenn for the treat!!!) We had so much fun. It was my first time to win a prize. Another first!!!
Meet my pet Winni :) We all gotz prizes :D
It was a fun day; we were readying to leave. But then Michael decided to try the Lex Luthor Tower of Doom, roughly a 400 feet drop. 

OMG. I can’t do that. I just can’t. haha At least not at that time. I’ve tried the ‘Mega Drop’ ride in LA County Fair last September and it is not even half the ‘Lex Luthor’ but already got me super nervous. I’ll prolly try it next time. And the Superman too. Whew, my hands are getting super sweaty just thinking about it.

We were all tired and exhausted after. But it was definitely a well-spent Saturday. 

We couldn’t wrap up the day without tasting the funnel cake! Yay, a treat after all of those nerve-racking but super fun rides.

We, totally deserved this, every bit of calories :))
Thanks for reading! Sorry for a long post, here's a potato... Just kidding. Here's the summary video of a super fun weekend. Thanks, doc for the edits! :D

'Til next time guys! :*

Lloyd, xoxo

[Photo credit: Glenn Dela Rosa]
[Video credit: Kristine Doctor]