5 Things You Should Have Taught Yourself By Now

Most of the time, it is easier to tell others what to and not to do. Good advice comes out naturally as if everything is perfect and easy in our perspective. However, it is true that things are always easier said than done. I know that. So, I decided to take a rest a bit and actually ponder about my own life. I had time to reflect and here are some of the things I noted to self. 

SEEK NOT FOR APPROVAL.. Stop seeking for other’s approval. They’re not gonna get you anywhere. The thing is, if you persist trying to be something or someone just to get that very important person’s approval, you’ll just end up heart-broken most of the time. So stop pleasing everyone, because you just can’t. 

Keep on loving what you love to do, or wearing what you want to wear; who cares about what they say. If you want to color that hair rainbow or want to get a hello kitty tattoo, then do so. If that’s what will make you feel good, why won’t you get it, right? You owe it to yourself. Just be free and no matter how cliché it may sound, FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Always, always choose happiness, regardless. If you want to do something, no matter how many gazillion of people disapprove of it, go for it; as long as you don’t harm or hurt anyone, then you’re good. 

At the end of the day, you, alone are responsible for your own happiness. You are the only person you need to get an approval from (unless, of course you’re trying to ask for leave approval, but otherwise you don’t have to haha). Because, seriously, other people don’t get to decide for you; YOU get to decide for YOU. 

LOOSEN UP. Since the beginning of time, far even before you were born, the world has already organized itself for you to follow. There are standards, rules, Do’s & Don’ts, norms, trends, plans, laws (I can go on and on)in almost every single thing you can think of. I mean, don’t get me wrong; all of these things are important and necessary. But sometimes, they are also routinary and exhausting. You tend to get so caught up planning your life to make it better. You work so hard to earn a living. You know what the sad part is? …That you actually forget how to live. What’s the sense of a carefully-planned life if you’re not actually living it? You only live once (for all we know), so make it worth the while. Loosen up. Breathe. Live. Bend some rules. Try to be less serious and be spontaneous once in a while. Go on a trip. Explore the world. Don’t plan your next step. Live by the moment and ENJOY!!! Just think of it as a treat for all your hard work. You might be surprised of what you can find, of how much more life can offer. There’s a lot more out there. Don’t miss out, dear. 

DON’T SETTLE. First thing’s first, KNOW.YOUR. SELF.WORTH. It’s not about being conceited or self-centered. It’s about loving yourself. Don’t settle for anything less or mediocre. You shouldn’t settle just for the sake of having something or someone even if it’s less than what you deserved. You have every right to get what’s rightfully yours at the right time. It will come, trust me. Don’t settle for less, but don’t forget how to appreciate, all the same. 

BE BRAVE. “Everything happens smoothly as planned” said no one ever. I’m sure you know that by now, well, if not, there you go; Surprise! Here’s one thing, even the happiest or the richest people in the world probably have failed far more than you ever have; their secret is not really a secret though. THEY.JUST.KEEP.ON.TRYING. 

Everything, in one way or another, is a form of gambling. Nothing is ever guaranteed. You may lose some and win some. That’s just how it is. But either way, you always ALWAYS gain something, Learnings, Experiences and Memories. Look, I’m not telling you that you can’t be afraid, just also be brave. After all, being brave is not about having no fear; in fact, bravery is something that comes out when you are afraid of something. Get out of your comfort zone. Stop being safe all the time. Be brave to fight and lose and win. Be brave to love and live, to hurt and cry. Take risks, a lot of it. No one’s gonna judge you for falling, but for not standing up when you did. Go ahead and take that leap of faith. Face the world with a game face on. “C’mon, bring it on, Life!” 

BE YOUR SELF. You can only be totally free in this world full of make believes and prejudices, if you finally learn to toss in the trash, all the forced ‘habits’ you have acquired through the years just to ‘fit in’. You surely wanna be one of the ‘real’ things in a society with standards built by who knows. Don’t let it imprison you and shape you to the way it wanted. You should be the one doing the job. The best gifts you can give to yourself are simply to take off any mask that covers the real you; and breathe. If there’s one person in this world who knows who you really are is definitely the one staring at you right behind the mirror. Love that person. Never let her lose her identity just because. If somebody else pushes you to be someone you’re not, then f*** the crap out of ‘em ‘cause they ain’t worth it. So go ahead, and put that comfy shirt and dark lips on and you’re good to go. Remember, the people who truly love you, will see through you; and absolutely love and accept what they see no matter what. So don’t worry about it. Just. Be. You. If there’s anything, be a better version of YOU. 

I guess it all boils down to these words: Love yourself MORE. 

Lloyd xo 

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